Kryptosec specialises in cryptography and its applications. It is cryptography that underpins many of today's security applications. Whilst this specialist knowledge does encompass the design of encryption algorithms, what is typically of greater significance is knowing which techniques are best suited to particular applications and what is required, in terms of supporting technologies, policies and procedures, to maximise the effectiveness of such techniques. For example, whenever cryptographic techniques are employed it is vital that their use is supported by an appropriate key management structure.

With clients ranging from major banks to software development companies, and with expertise ranging from the application of security technologies though to the design of bespoke security solutions, Kryptosec is an excellent provider of vendor-neutral and impartial consultancy and training, and an ideal complement to in-house security capabilities.

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Kryptosec provides consultancy and training on information security, with a particular specialism in encryption and other cryptographic techniques. Our clients range from banks and other financial institutions through to software development companies.Typical areas falling within Kryptosec's scope include data security, secure email, network security, certificate-based security applications such as SSL, and general cryptography and encryption related advice.

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