Cryptography is a set of techniques that can provide:

  • Confidentiality: This is the ability to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information. Typically achieved through the use of encryption.
  • Authentication: There are two types of authentication. The first, which is commonly referred to as entity authentication, is the ability to determine the identity of a user. This is essential for things such as access control. The second type of authentication, which is commonly referred to as data origin authentication, is the ability to determine the source of a communication. This is important since it is not possible to trust information unless you know from where it originated.
  • Data integrity: Protection against the unauthorised modification of data.
  • Non-repudiation: Preventing a party from later denying a previous commitment or action. This is analogous to physically signing a document, whereby the act of signing binds the signing party to the contents of the document being signed. As such, non-repudiation is an important trust mechanism supporting e-commerce.

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