Mark's experience ranges from the design and analysis of encryption products and cryptographic solutions through to writing and presenting training courses. Furthermore, his background as a technology specialist is allied with practical experience of applying security technologies in the real world, including the additional elements that must be in place in order for such technologies to be as effective as possible.

Although his principal focus is on practical security, Mark also maintains ties with the academic research community and has published research papers, an example of which can be found below.

Title:  Related Key Attacks on Reduced Round KASUMI
Authors:  M. Blunden (Kryptosec Ltd) and A. Escott (Hutchison 3G)
Published In:  LNCS Vol 2355, Fast Software Encryption: 8th International Workshop, Yokohama, Japan, April 2-4, 2001
Publisher:  Springer-Verlag
Download:  .pdf, .ps

December 2001

Dr Mark Blunden is the director and founder of Kryptosec. Mark is an information security specialist with a PhD in cryptography and a degree in mathematics, who has previously held positions in both the telecommunications and defence sectors. Since forming Kryptosec, he has worked with clients ranging from banks and other financial institutions through to software development companies. Click here for additional information.