Key Management

The security of any application that relies upon the use of cryptographic techniques is ultimately dependent upon the proper management of the keys. The exact requirements of a key management system will depend upon the environment in question, but generally speaking such a system should encompass techniques and procedures that support:

  • The generation and distribution of keying material
  • Control of the use of keying material
  • Update, revocation and destruction of keying material
  • Storage, backup and archival of keying material

Kryptosec supplies training on cryptography and key management. The courses are available in lengths of one, two or three days, depending on the depth required. The courses introduce the different cryptographic primitives, the services they provide, how they are to be used, how they can be combined to achieve different security objectives, and the necessary key management requirements and solutions that support the use of such techniques.

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Note that courses can be tailored to meet individual requirements.